Title: INTENSIVE WITH CATERED DINNER — for Writers and Actors:
Location: The Open Space on Melrose

Date: Sunday, July 15 from Noon-6PM

to follow with optional networking dinner

Sign up now to reserve your space!  Dyc@DatingYourcharacter.net


  • Understand how to create (or deliver) authentic, natural dialogue

  • Create a layered character in a short amount of time

  • Work out of a character’s private, inner conflict quickly for inspired characters

  • Understand the deeper aspects of the script or play’s plot points based on character development

  • Create a connection with your character during an audition that will be lasting!



Why it’s important to spend time with your character:

Just as outlining is a basic tool for the construction of the plot, it’s important to know your character well before you actually design obstacles for her.  You want your story to pay off emotionally.  And it pays for a writer to be choosy about the character he’s going to be spending quality time with.  Sometimes  a writer is smitten by the first attractive character to capture his imagination.  But we help you form a relationship with your character that builds over time using the lingo of dating self-help guides.

Starting as broadly as possible, mixing and matching character archetypes, for example, we encourage you keep an open mind about the kind of person you want to get to know and whose story you want to tell.


Archetype cards courtesy of Caroline Myss.